Pre-Employment Screening (PES)

As the Founding Member of the Professional Background Screening Association - Asia Pacific Chapter (PBSA-APAC), we assist our clients to identify right employee through various checks in Malaysia and most countries in the world.

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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Also known as debugging or technical sweep. We owned the state of the art counter surveillance equipment equivalent to the USA standard. We do not loan the equipment nor subcontract any TSCM work assigned to us.

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Corporate Investigation

We assist to fulfill responsibilities of corporate, government and non-governmental institutions to protect their interests and provide a safe working environment from various types of corporate crimes.

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Security Consulting

We provide security assessment planning and consulting to various clientele. Having the foresight to protect every aspect of businesses require sophisticated safety measures that takes into account the security of company's valuable asset.

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Intellectual Property (Brand) Protection

Protection of an organization’s brand and reputation is an important investment to safeguard its business. We are the expert and dedicated to combating counterfeit and "grey" market operations, both in national and international arenas.

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Electronic Discovery

Our highly skilled team of digital forensic specialists employs the most advanced forensic tools and protocols to reconstruct the activities of a computer user or an intruder to extract specific evidence of illegal or illicit activity. 

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