The protection of an organization’s brand and reputation is an important investment to safeguard its business. It is the responsibility of business entities to ensure that competitors or other companies do not use their intellectual property. However, the illegal use of legitimate companies' brands, trademarks, and products has increased exponentially and has become very sophisticated in the process. The most prevalent crimes are counterfeiting and the illegal sale or distribution of products.

As an expert in combating counterfeit and "gray" market operations, both in national and international arenas we often assist reputable corporate giants to identify and eliminate intellectual property theft and image deterioration.
We believe that counterfeiting and illegal sales or distributions of products are fatal crimes that could challenge the continued existence of our clients. As such, we are committed to providing a one-stop solution and an end-to-end approach.
Our services include investigations, confidentiality advice, enforcement rights, moral rights, economic rights, and insurance protection. We maintain our client’s reputation and product integrity.
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